Learn to Use Money Wisely--for Children
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Learn to Use Money Wisely--for Children

Problems faced by young people regarding money management are addressed, with particular attention paid to budgeting, avoiding impulse buying, comparison shopping and the dangers encountered with charge accounts and credit cards.

Length 30 min. Copyright 1983 $ 29.95
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Here's today's news about Moral & Social Development

TOM MCMAHON: KID TIPS: Alcohol also impairs teens moral judgment
AN INTERESTING research study on the topic of moral development caught my eye recently. The authors (D. Krebs and K. Denton) of the study, "From the Scene to the Crime: The Effect of Alcohol and Social Context on Moral Judgment," interviewed 40 college students at nightclubs and parties, then again a few days later at their university. In both interviews, the students responded to questions pertaining to typical moral dilemmas, including the morality of driving when impaired by alcohol. When they...

Trivia for the game McKenzie & Co.
During the development of McKenzie & Co., Executive Director Patricia Flanigan said her team conducted more than 2,000 interview with girls to see what they wanted from games. At the time, she described the game as "an exciting depiction of real-life moral and social dilemmas". -- Jeanne (28149)

Etyczny wymiar tozsamosci kulturowej : studia z antropologii spoecznej / pod redakcja Mariola Flis.
Publisher: Krakow : Nomos, 2004. Subjects:Group identity Moral and ethical aspects Poland., Identity (Psychology) Moral and ethical aspects Poland., Social anthropology Poland.

CPC promotes "core value system" to lay moral foundation for social harmony
The Communist Party of China (CPC) has highlighted the concept of "socialist core value system" to lay the "moral and ideological foundations" for social harmony.

Senior Chinese leader stresses moral, political education in colleges
Senior Chinese leader Li Changchun on Friday stressed the importance of moral and political education in colleges and universities to promote students' well-rounded development.

Journal of Social Issues - Urban America as a context for the development of moral identity in adolescence
September 22, 1998 -- Moral identity, defined as a self-consistent commitment to lines of action benefiting others, is described in the contexts of adolescence and poor, urban ...

On the path to virtue : the Stoic doctrine of m

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